About Me

I received my first camera when I was 10 and have owned many cameras since that time. Off and on throughout my life I have delved into dozens of "crafty" hobbies. My interest would soon wane and I would be left with drawers of craft supplies. In 2012 while preparing for a large yard sale, I realized my true love is and has always been taking pictures. So that is my focus. I love capturing a split second of life; a moment no one else may ever see. My favorite subjects would be landscapes; anything outdoors, odd angles, and unique architecture. I love to travel and have specific pictures I want to take. Once my "moment" is captured - I am filled with contentment .... until I think of the next "must see".

I hope one of my photos evoke some kind of emotion in my guests. Any emotion ... love, hate, sadness, nostalgia, wonder .... I believe my life is better by just feeling the moment.